Why Ultrasound and not MRV should be standard

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Re: To Dr. Cumming

Postby drsclafani » Tue Apr 26, 2011 11:22 pm

DrCumming wrote:
carollevin wrote:Doctor Cumming,
Is the Haacke protocol no longer believed to be as useful? Are you still using MRVs and do you feel they are helpful or necessary?

thank you.

Dr Haacke has done great work with MR and CCSVI. The data his group is collecting will be very valuable for tweaking and defining the role of MR. On occasion I find it useful. Part of the issue with respect to the Hubbard registry was problems with getting reimbursed for the MR studies limiting patient enrollment. I do not feel it is necessary at this time.

i think that MRV is a waste of money if you are not in a research protocol with a couple of exceptions.

the main one is when one cannot opacify the junction of the sigmoid sinus and the jugular vein. MRV of the BRAIN, not the neck, is immensely helpful in determining whether intracranial stenosis or thrombus exists.

Another reason to do such evaluation is in cases of hypoplasia in the upper jugular vein. such veins may sometimes be associated with stenosis, hypoplasia or thrombus of a dural sinus

Finally, when venography is unsuccessful in catheterizing a jugular veins MRV may allow identification of jugular veins.
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