a beautiful thank you

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a beautiful thank you

Postby Cece » Thu May 19, 2011 6:45 am

Thank you to all who assisted

To The Editor:

You know there are times when short phrases such as "love you" or "thank you" hardly seem adequate to express the overwhelming emotions that acts of unselfish kindness can produce.

Our daughter Jennifer recently returned from a trip to the United States where she underwent a controversial procedure called CCSVI in an attempt to relieve some of the debilitating effects of Multiple Sclerosis.

How does a mere "thank you" acknowledge the time and effort put forth by friends who opened the doors of their business to prepare and host a spectacular fund-raising dinner or to the numerous volunteers who gave up their time and talents to pull it off?

How does a mere "thank you" show appreciation for a friend who organized a card party in the basement of her church, or to the minister who gave his time to help set up and take down the tables, or to the friends who made baked goods for a sale?

How does a mere "thank you" express the pride felt when former business associates gave up their time and energy to organize a benefit auction or to the people we don't even know who contributed items that made it a rousing success?

How can a mere "thank you" possibly express our feelings for the kids that set up 50/50 draws in their workplaces, held bake sales or organized special events at their favourite clubs and pubs? And what about the retired widow who took out her chequebook and wrote the first cheque that started it all? Or the people who sent anonymous donations or just walked up to us and shoved money into our hand saying, "This is for Jen."

Or the wonderful lady that raised more money than she needed for her own procedure and passed some of it forward so someone else could benefit from her good fortune. Can a mere "thank you" do justice to these random acts of generosity and compassion? I think not.

And so it is important that the "thank you" we express here today be perceived as more than just an acknowledgement of the funds raised for Jennifer's procedure. It is a thank you for reminding us of some of the basic laws and clichés that serve our existence regardless of our spiritual beliefs. That there is great power in numbers; and whenever groups of people band together to accomplish a common objective, amazing things can happen. In every adversity there are seeds of great reward if we just look for them. While it is fine to have faith that things will be OK, you need to do something to help it along. Faith without action is not really faith at all.

In closing the Barry and Bourque families would like to express our heartfelt thanks not only for supporting Jennifer in her quest but for reminding us of the blessings that surround us every day. Thank you all.

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