Zamboni: 'To not give false hopes, you have to do studies'

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Zamboni: 'To not give false hopes, you have to do studies'

Postby Cece » Mon Jun 27, 2011 3:05 pm

Dr. Zamboni: "It 'very rare that there are patients and associations that come to the point of asking for help for research: what is happening with Brave Dreams is something unique and also very valuable."

"This scientific path was difficult, because it was at a table with 4 or 5 different medical backgrounds from the beginning, trying to agree and the points of agreement were very low. The Scientific Council which was appointed by the Region has worked hard, he found points of agreement, and have worked to identify the measurement systems that are truly innovative, but at the same time very demanding. I believe that this study (Brave Dreams), whatever the result, however, will give results that are very important for people and the sick. "

"We have 2 types of opposition, a science based mainly linked to the world of neurology and research on classical MS that has a monolithic view that has frowned upon the entry of a new theory. Conflict of interests of a scientific passion .

Another huge obstacle is political, ie the Ministry of Health, which leans more on the side of the neurological world. "

"To not give false hopes, you have to do studies. What makes me very suspicious is when individuals want to stop freedom of research and researchers.

I never asked that my system and theory be adopted in all hospitals in Italy. I asked simply to do research, and obtain from that the information on how to move to transfer the results on the welfare of the people. And 'suspicion comes when the request of the research is hampered. "

"I'm very much hoping to get going soon. With the help of the people we have sufficient funds to begin to recruit patients and begin the study."
Interview is in Italian. The snippets translated above come from the CCSVI in MS facebook site. :)
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Postby Daisy3 » Tue Jun 28, 2011 12:34 am

We were going to do this but have changed our minds now.

Studies are the way forward. I would like to know why not all people respond to CCSVI and why those who do cannot always maintain their new changes.
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