„The real history of the meeting in Poland"

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„The real history of the meeting in Poland"

Postby Rici » Mon Jul 11, 2011 1:29 am

„The real history of the meeting between Dr. Schelling and the head neurologist in Poland”

Qrne, you can utilize the CD as you like, the CD it’s yours. Prof. Ryglewicz is the most important neurologist in Poland: the professor had to organize an independent observatory for the Ministry of Health. But she wanted to trick me out. She wanted to write on their own the “independent report” together with the moderators: of this topic maybe another time. When I called the secretary of the Minister asking if they wanted the English version with Polish subtitles with the personal dedication of Dr. Schelling (which – by the way – is due to the Nobel for Medicine for his groundbreaking work), the secretary answered that the English version would be enough, since the Minister speaks and understands English and is a medical doctor. So I had the secretary of the Minister agreeing to the video recording of the meeting. At the moment that the videographer was preparing the apparatus for recording the secretary of Prof. Ryglewicz asked:
- what is going on here?
- we are going to video record the meeting
- how? Filming here?
- The Minister waits for the CD. Please here is the phone and please call for confirmation...
The meeting was completely videorecorded. No neurologist was taken side with Prof. Ryglewicz. The radiologist of Medicover asked funded questions helping Dr. Schelling in his efforts. The milk is already spilled. Prof. Ryglewicz went to the Minister on Monday, July 4th. For sure she realized, that the Minster did not know yet about anything. The Cd with the recording of the meeting is already sent to the Ministery and to their departments/
This is the true story behind „the real history of the meeting between Dr. Schelling and the head neurologist in Poland”.
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