Mr. Success buys a goldfish ......

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Mr. Success buys a goldfish ......

Postby MrSuccess » Fri Sep 16, 2011 1:11 pm

Mr.Success decided to purchase a goldfish. And of course, a large glass bowl for it's new home.
The petshop advised Mr.Success of what was needed for good goldfish care. Stressing the importance of keeping the water fresh and clean. In short order , Mr.Success found it bothersome at the frequency at which the bowl became dirty . Mrs.Success balked at taking over this duty ....... so ever the resourceful chap , that Mr.Success is ...... he devised a system. :idea:

Mr.Success attached a small hose to his watertap ..... and inserted the open end into the fish bowl. Mr.Success then attached a second hose that allowed excess water to drain freely into the sink and down the drain. Mr. Success determined just the exact amount of water flow needed [ not too much .... not too little ] by counting the number of water drops coming out of the drain tube. EUREKA !

Mr.Success now sat and enjoyed cocktail after cocktail watching his beloved goldfish swim in pristine water , day after day , week after week. Other than the sounds of the ice sliding around in his cocktail glass ..... Mr.Success could only hear the steady but slow sound of water drops plopping into the sink .......

One day , Mr Success noticed the water in the bowl ... seemed foggy . It got worse. And the poor goldfish seemed lethargic. It's eyes seemed not as bright and lively . And worst of all ..... it's little fins seemed to be acting oddly. Alarmed , Mr.Success phoned the nearest fish doctor . We see this all the time , said the fish doctor . And dispensed a very expensive fish medicine . Mr.Success added the medicine to the bowl , but could not see any real improvements . However , Mr. Success did notice the fish doctor now driving a better car ...... :roll:

The situation never improved . In fact the water seemed worse . And Mr. Success' gold fish seemed to sway ..... rather than swim. Mr. Success vastly increased his own cocktail consumption in an effort to deal with the situation . A vacation was in order .

Mr.& Mrs Success went to Italy .

By sheer luck , Mr.Success stumbled upon a chance meeting with a fellow in the same predicament . He explained to Mr.Success that in his experience ..... the system that Mr.Success employ's , sometimes becomes blocked on the drain side. Removing the obstruction has yielded some very good results , for many but not all fish owners.

Upon returning home , Mr.Success investigated this avenue of solution . Sure enough , Mr.Success counted very few and sporadic drops coming out of his fish tank drain tube.
Taking a long thin wire ..... Mr.Success shoved it up the tube ...... hoping to dislodge anything that was blocking the flow.... water immediatly started to dribble out ..... in a quicker manner .

Mr.Success sat and watched his tank . Was the water getting clearer ? Was his goldfish not looking a bit better ? Was the glass filthy but the water clean ? Many more cocktails ensued as the situation was monitored . Mr.Success contacted the fish doctor ..... and told him the news ..... and wanted his valuable opinion . His goldfish seemed much better.

The fish doctor laughed and mocked Mr.Success . Asked if Mr.Success was starting Happy Hour ...... early. It was in fact - the expensive fishfood - not clean moving water , responsible for the goldfish's improvements ......... and Who's the fish expert here ?

Mr.Success wondered if anyone else had his problem ..... and successfully corrected it .... but NEVER EVER fed their fish , the expensive fish food. :idea: :idea: :idea:

Sound like something we all know about ?

Mr.Success .......... telling another fish story :lol:
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Re: Mr. Success buys a goldfish ......

Postby CuriousRobot » Fri Sep 16, 2011 1:32 pm

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Re: Mr. Success buys a goldfish ......

Postby Cece » Fri Sep 16, 2011 1:56 pm

But you know fish get worse and better all the time. Fish are particularly prone to placebo.
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