has anyone been told they need an urgent surgical repair ?

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has anyone been told they need an urgent surgical repair ?

Postby Cece » Fri Dec 02, 2011 6:10 pm

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DrArata wrote:I have seen one too many disaster cases. Red Flag alert! If urgent surgical repair of a jugular vein is offered, recommended or if you know of someone who had it done. Run. Run away as fast as you can. Major caution alert!!!

If and I mean IF you need surgical repair of your jugular vein it would be highly unusual that it would have to be done within days of CCSVI procedure.

Emergency situations are conceivable however at Synergy we have treated over 2000 jugulars. Not once was urgent repair needed.

I have been afraid to ask but I hope these surgical repairs were not associated with add-on fees.

I know of people who clotted the day of the procedure and had urgent angioplasty repair done the next day. That doesn't seem like cause for this sort of alarm. Clotting the day of the procedure might be due to inadequate anticoagulation, oversized balloons or excessive damage to vein walls, hypercoaguability disorder, or tear of the jugular wall, also likely due to oversized balloons or excessive force or a burst balloon. CCSVI treatment is not yet standardized, so what is excessive force is still being debated. Hypercoaguability disorders are not always known to patients or taken into consideration by IRs. Anticoagulation regimen is not yet standardized, although there has been a general movement toward Pradaxa, which is a true anticoagulant.

If a facility is not offering post-treatment ultrasound, they might not catch a situation such as clotting requiring urgent surgical repair. Does Synergy offer post-treatment ultrasound?
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