Dr. Kirsty Duncan's Private Member's Bill

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Dr. Kirsty Duncan's Private Member's Bill

Postby 1eye » Wed Feb 15, 2012 10:57 pm

I should't really be here, but it seems important. Can somebody please forward this on to as many of the appropriate places as possible on Facebook or wherever.


Bill C-280 that Kirsty Duncan wrote, is not dead. It was voted down by a Yea or Nay vote, but there were a gaggle of Conservatives who only arrived at the end, and were only there to make the shout louder (I couldn't tell which side was louder, myself). So there's going to be a recorded vote sometime soon. Each Member's vote will have to go on the record. It's a Private Member's Bill, so Conservatives are free to vote their conscience and do not have to follow the party line.

Members all have pwCCSVI in their ridings, and many of them want what is in this Bill. After talking to Mike, the MP who is my brother and gave such a passionate speech tonight, I can recommend the path to follow is this:

Look at the transcript of the Take Note Debate that happened during the last session. Use that as a guide to figure out which Conservatives are most likely to vote for the Bill. Make a list. Don't try to convince the health minister, or just any Conservative.. All that are needed are 15 to 20 Conservative votes in its favour, and the Bill will be passed. Appeal to their consciences. Write, phone fax, e-mail or even make a personal appearance, if you can.

MPs often have, or have had family members with the disease. Ms Duncan probably has ideas too, on who might support it.

The Liberal and NDP Members will be there, and will all vote in favour of it.

The names and contact information for every newspaper in those Members' ridings is needed. Especially small weeklies, because they are more likely to print your letter. Start writing letters to these papers, so the populace will be on-side after reading them. Include the MP's addresses, email, phone and fax numbers. We need the readers of those letters to phone, fax, write, or e-mail to encourage their MPs to show up for the vote and vote for the Bill.

All MPs will be in their home ridings next week, so they might be accessible to their constituents. If there is a standard letter to email, snail-mail, or fax, that might help (if it is a good one). Each person can add their own words if they want, to that.
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