Dr. Alexander at ISNVD endothelial researcher

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Dr. Alexander at ISNVD endothelial researcher

Postby Cece » Mon Feb 20, 2012 2:37 pm

Dr. Alexander (endothelial biologist) now presenting "MS and cerebral endothelial dysfunction
Dr. Alexander: endothelium becomes "sticky" with shear: activates leukocytes into brain parenchyma
Dr. Alexander: endothelial cells very sensitive to glycemic (glucose) and oxidative stress
Dr. Alexander: Interferon beta may have endothelial benefits from nitrous oxide at low doses
Dr. Alexander: Microparticles released from endothelial cells during periods of hypoxia and stress
Dr. Alexander: endothelial cells can trigger downstream inflammation through ephrin particles. Much more prevalent in MS
Dr. Alexander: Pro-inflammatory particles (proteins) can be shed by endothelium into brain parenchyma
Dr Alexander: Turbulent flow promotes the release of endothelial Microparticles
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Re: Dr. Alexander at ISNVD endothelial researcher

Postby cheerleader » Mon Feb 20, 2012 5:54 pm

Dr. J. Steven Alexander--from LSU--has been looking at the vascular connection to MS for awhile.
He was really interested that I'd noticed Jeff's high coagulation and inflammatory markers during his first MS flare, and he had read my posts on here back in'08 on endothelial dysfunction and MS.
We talked at the very first meeting in Bologna, and I've been thrilled to see he continues to look at endothelial dysfunction, inflammation, hypoxia and disturbed blood flow in MS.

I remain convinced that CCSVI is not just about the vessel structure, but it's got to be about the interaction with vessel walls and blood, as well. Monitoring SED/ESR rate, endothelin levels, inflammatory markers and coagulation may give the researchers more insight into what is happening during an acute exacerbation. Jeff's done really, really well on pradaxa and the endothelial health program. Still open and flowing, and his inflammatory markers are gone.

Here's an earlier paper of Dr. Alexander's group on MS as a vascular disease
http://www.shreveportphysiology.com/Ale ... MS.pdf.pdf
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