MS changes the apparent size of parenchymal veins

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MS changes the apparent size of parenchymal veins

Postby Cece » Thu Apr 26, 2012 3:27 pm

AAN makes it hard to link to their abstracts. This was a poster presentation. It can be accessed by going here and using veins as the search term. The first result is, "Multiple Sclerosis changes the apparent size of intralesional and extralesional parenchymal veins."
Discussion: Intralesional veins are narrower than other MS veins as well as veins from HV and other neurological disorders. This narrowing may reflect compression by the perivascular inflammatory cuff in active lesions as well as thickening/fibrosis of the venous wall and perivascular space in chronic lesions. Perilesional and extralesional MS veins are significantly larger than non-MS veins, despite a general decrease in vein size with age in non-MS cases. This finding may reflect vascular dysregulation (loss of tone) on the basis of autonomic dysfunction in MS. A less likely explanation is downstream compression. Future research may determine whether vein size can be used as a marker of disease status or response to treatment.

MS brain veins are significantly larger than those of healthy controls or other neurological disorders, except at the vein within the lesion, which is significantly narrower.

Would this be due to slowed flow due to CCSVI, resulting in congestion, resulting in larger parenchymal veins?

Should CCSVI research include before-and-after measurements of these brain veins? Perhaps treatment of CCSVI will result in a normalization of the size of parenchymal veins.

Dr. Zivadinov has previously presented research on the reduced parenchymal vascular architecture in patients with MS. Veins vanish... So perhaps the larger veins being found here are a result of the remaining veins taking on more flow to compensate for the veins that have vanished.
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