legal action anyone ?

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Re: legal action anyone ?

Postby tiltawhirl » Wed May 30, 2012 11:29 am

1eye wrote:
tiltawhirl wrote:Of course it's easy for someone like me to stand up and be for the physicians side, given my positive outcome. However, any bullshit like this is likely to scare some of the pioneers doing work on this back into pure research rather than performing the treatment.
How could I disagree with someone who is agreeing with me? Though I agree with the sentiment that yes, we all should have treatment available, and yes, in Canada, it should be "free", and yes, indeed, we might have a case against the makers of Rebif, maybe against Pfizer, perhaps others, there could be reason for dissatisfaction.

Just consider this: if, say, you, yes, I mean you, were in the position that you had no way to fund any further treatments. The kicker is that whatever was done to you in the procedure, it has stopped working. It is again progressing, and your symptoms are getting worse. What's more, you are older, you are likely not to survive long enough to do anything about it. Do you regret anything you have done? Do you wish you had never taken the chance? Was it at all worth it?

Consider that while you are unable to afford the procedure again, neither are you able to afford the legal bill to get any compensation for all this. Or maybe you have had several procedures, none of which got you back to where you were after the first one. You are too scared to risk any further treatments. All you have is the knowledge you were part of the solution. not part of the problem.

See, one thing I have learned on these trips around the sun, is, as long as you are on this bus, things can get better. But they can also always get worse. Caveat emptor indeed. That's what Leonard Cohen said, in soap on the wall, as he sat in his bathtub. But don't let idle talk about lawsuits against those IRs who were helping more and more people every day, make you think the is any legal merit to the argument that us poor unfortunate "MS" patients were waylaid and taken advantage of by those healers.

The truth, as usual, is probably somewhere in between.

But the "MSS"? Who are they? Where does the money flow in that organization? Where does it come from?

I think I'll ride in a Team, on my recumbent tricycle, in this years' bike-athon. My sponsors will contribute to a fund to get my next procedure. The name of my team? The Deli-gators. We will all be card-carrying members whose votes will count. We will all delegate those votes.

Imagine. The Italian MS Society suing the Italian CSVVI folks. I wonder why?

Just to clarify, I agree that legal action should be a potential course of action in so far as getting the treatment made available in Canada, and/or compensating those who have paid out of pocket because they didn't want to wait. Specifically what I am against, is suing the Doctors in the case of negative outcomes, that aren't based on gross negligence on the Doctors part.

I think I just miss-stated what I meant and we are actually in agreement. :)

...and I for one, welcome our new Neurologist overlords!

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Re: legal action anyone ?

Postby jean-la-grenouille » Thu May 31, 2012 9:18 am

You want to have access to ccsvi treatment in Canada, so do we in France and many other countries.

Legal action is one way, among others, such as lobbying, self-education....
Lobbying or self-education, are not powerfull enough to make our rights being respected.

I agree we cannot suit doctors for dissapointing results, eventhough patients who have experienced troubles after procedure, should be helped.
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