Conciliatory proposal for neurologists

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Conciliatory proposal for neurologists

Postby Rici » Mon Jun 11, 2012 1:54 am

I send on June 8th the following email to neurologists, to the Department of Science and Schooling in the Ministery of Health and to the MS Parliament Commission:

Conciliatory proposal for a final solution of the MS problem

I greet everybody! ,

If some comments are necessary, please do so. The neurologists take death into account ignoring the saving trials of the human brain, which seeks alternative ways for the blood outflow from the brain, as in the link clearly is visible. Please compare the amount of blood outflow before and after the treatment . The oxygen-deprived blood outflows from the brain and the place is thus created for new, fresh, oxygen-rich and nourishing blood for the brain. This is the reason that an immediate improvement after treatment is noticeable. This is not a placebo effect, nor does MS even have a placebo effect: sometimes better – sometimes worse.
Is there any important neurologist now to find, who denies the vein theory as reason for MS, and who thinks, that the blood outflow from the brain does not have any relation to the MS disease, and who allows the claim from a medical commission state that the patients themselves have to pay for the vein treatments only to keep the neurological thesis alive? The blood shall flow from the brain through alternative ways! I propose that professor Andrzej Potemkowski or somebody of his near family blocks his neck vein in this way. We shall see the effects of the blocked vein after 6-8 months.

I greet everybody playing in this role.

Ryszard Wierciński

PS: Or alternatively Mrs. Dąbrowska-Górniak from Novartis would also let her block the neck vein. She has Fingolimod-Gilenya to take in order to heal the vein blocking.
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Re: Conciliatory proposal for neurologists

Postby 1eye » Mon Jun 11, 2012 6:54 am

What are these films? Is there only one injection of dye that repeats at different speeds? If you just compare one of the real-time heartbeats, it is just as dramatic, but maybe that's the problem; viewers aren't seeing it in real time like they did on the CTV demonstration with Dr. Zamboni watching the balloon inflate the vein.

Are these yours? Have you undergone vein reconstruction, only balloon angioplasty, or some other procedure we don't know about?
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Re: Conciliatory proposal for neurologists

Postby Ernst » Mon Jun 11, 2012 7:04 am

Hi Rici,

Is that stent-bad flow-photo your jugular? Doesnt flow through stent, not good. But like neurologists have said "there are other routes for blood to flow" :) :) Well, lets wait if somebody is brave enough to prove it.. I quess you cant find so crazy human to test the hypothesis :)
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