Dr Traboulsee's venography imaging study

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Re: Dr Traboulsee's venography imaging study

Postby 1eye » Tue Nov 05, 2013 1:49 pm

"Sometimes these things can become separated, and what we've found is that although CCSVI as defined by Zamboni doesn't really exist ... we still have the situation where thousands of Canadians have gone abroad and have had a treatment ... (and many have) reported significant improvement."

Trying to stay true to your masters and still qualify for research dollars isn't so easy is it, Doctor Traboulsee? You have to pretend to accept some anecdotal numbers, empirical evidence, you might call it, yet still adopt the attitude of never being heard to call him 'Dr. Zamboni' in public. Just 'Zamboni' as if he might be a faceless corporation. It wears thin after a while. But remember, people will not need to know Dr. Einstein's "qualifications", because of what he did. They might even use his full name.

Again with that 'doesn't really exist' horse-manure? Please, give it a rest, Dr. Traboulsee! Call it what you must, better men than you believe it exists, and have documented the proof. I'm really tired of this dead-horse flogging, as I believe the thinking public is, also. Half of all studies are below average, by definition, and this one doesn't even come close.
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Re: Dr Traboulsee's venography imaging study

Postby Cece » Tue Nov 05, 2013 2:00 pm

Yeah, I would prefer to see Dr. Zamboni referred to respectfully.
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