ISNVD 2017 in Italy

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ISNVD 2017 in Italy

Postby Cece » Wed Mar 08, 2017 9:32 am

Here is the program pdf: ... 2017_1.pdf

Sesssion 3 13.30 – 14.30 - Annette Funicello Presentations

Chairs: Paolo Zamboni – Carol Schumacher

1. J. Winny Yun: ‘Neurolymphatics and MS’
2. Helen Kavounidas: Update on Australian CCSVI’
3. Robert Zivadinov – Follow up of AFRF
4. Marcella Lagana: ‘Phase contrast MRI measurement of arterial-venous-CSF flow
5. Nicole Ziliotto: ‘Exome sequencing and transcriptomic analysis in jugular wall for
detection of CCSVI biomarkers in MS’

Session 7 11.10 - 12.50
Anatomical and hemodynamic changes of venous outflow: could stenting be the solution?
Chairs: Sal Sclafani, Ivo Petrov
1. Byung-Boong Lee: Occlusive truncular venous anomaly of the Thorax and Neck:
General Overview
2. Ziv Askal – Imaging of great vein?
3. Giaquinta Alessia: Assessment of venous stenosis: emerging role of intravascular
4. S Raju: Indications and potential benefits of venous stenting in the treatment of
occlusive disease versus balloon angioplasty
5. Michael Dake: Clinical presentation and treatment of delayed venous outflow of the
thorax and neck
6. Paolo Zamboni o NCH: Modifications of intracranial pressure following decompression
of the internal jugular vein.
7. Pierfrancesco Veroux: Compliant venous scaffold for the treatment of impaired
venous outflow from the brain
8. Sal Sclafani: Left renal vein stenting is an effective method to improve spinal cord
blood flow
9. Kenny Liu: Intracranial venous stenting for Ehlers Danlos

What's that research from Dr. Dake? And from Dr. Sclafani, the work on left renal vein stenting, I hope that gets into the literature and is an influence on others. Dr. Zamboni is looking at the effect on intracranial pressure. You'd think the neurology community would care about intracranial pressure; that affects other diseases than just MS.
Session 8 12.50 - 14.35–Lunch sessionBridging
the gap between extracranial flow and Brain.
Chairs: M. Dake– Hector Ferral
1. Noam Alperin: ‘The brain/eye axis and CSF: Spaceflight-induced vision impairments
in astronauts’
2. Hector Ferral – ‘Statistical evaluation of the Amsterdam study’
3. Ivo Petrov – ‘Hypercapnia and hypoxaemia due to impaired venous blood draining
and significant improvement after endovascular treatment in patients with CCSVI’
4. Aldo Bruno/ Luigi Califano: 24-month follow-up of PTA in Meniere’s disease: the
surgeon and Vestibular assessment .
5. Alessia Giaquinta: ‘Clinical benefits after balloon angioplasty in patients with
impaired IJV flow’
6. Paolo Zamboni: ‘Brave Dreams trial’

The Brave Dreams trial! And I am very curious about the astronaut research as well although that is from Dr. Alperin so something different than what Zamboni was doing?
10.50 - 11.10 Keynote Speakers: Seshadri Raju
Compliance properties of the vein: a forgotten concept.
Ideal venous hemodynamics-oriented device for the treatment of obstructive venous disease

Compliance properties of the vein: a forgotten concept
That sounds interesting. I think the veins lose compliance with aging.
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Re: ISNVD 2017 in Italy

Postby frodo » Wed Mar 15, 2017 8:01 am

Thank you for the info.
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