CVI and CCSVI similarities?

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CVI and CCSVI similarities?

Postby Ernst » Wed Jul 22, 2009 11:17 pm

I have red some texts here about comparing CVI (for example in leg) and CCSVI. Is the veins insufficiency process similar? or what are the similarities? Of course vein dysfunctions can be in different areas of body and this produces different concequences. With my poor english I've notices some common things: (please you can write more about this and "fix" my mistakes..)

- reflux? happens always when vein has obstacles?

- "leaky veins" --> blood leaks through endothelial layer?

- immunesystem reaction? inflammation, white-cells, etc.

- edema? swelling?

- more common in women (CVI / CCSVI)?

- fibrinogen level (I've been quite interested with this. It relates very closely to CVI, and with google you get hits with MS too. And fibrinogen relates also to diseases like alzheimer and dementia)

- Treatment similarities --> operation, something else?

- lesions?

- etc, etc..

I would be happy to read your ideas and main points about this thing. So be free to comment. Thank you..
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Postby mrhodes40 » Thu Jul 23, 2009 10:45 am

Hi Ernst
wow this is a tall order for a post!! :wink:

The Big Idea on the research thread outlines the similarities CVI to CCSVI as far as the microbiologial findings such as the kinds of inflammatory cells involved etc. Table 1 has a comparison.

There are some differences in the dynamics between the veins in the legs known to be involved in this and the neck/chest veins associated with CCSVI. For example, the leg veins have to fight gravity, the head ones have gravity working in their favor which helps ease the situation.

I do know that it is possible to have stenosis and not have it be seen on doppler (checking for reflux) because I have severe stenosis in both jugs and normal doppler, BUT I still have evidence that it is a bad stenosis because my body had collateral circulation that disappeared when the stents were put in, as well as pressure readings that showed higher pressure on the brain side of the lesion before the stents.

I do know that increased pressure and altered shear stress results in increased leakiness of the endothelium.

The fibrinogen thing is very interesting and I am just now looking into it more because I have a coagulation issue related to high thrombin and fibrinogen....and I got a blood clot in my leg while on coumadin. Something is going on there.

A MS lesions and CVI lesion are very similar in terms of microbiological content again see the Big Idea table 1.
I hope that helps
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