Hey all, sure this was mentioned before about ID tags

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Hey all, sure this was mentioned before about ID tags

Postby CureIous » Fri Jul 24, 2009 11:14 am

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Postby Arcee » Fri Jul 24, 2009 11:37 am

Yes, I decided I wanted a simple one too. No interest in the back up emergency service that some suppliers seem to offer. So I ordered a bracelet from RoadID.com that allows you to type in whatever you want. I'm thinking that will do the trick. (Also, got an electric razor since I routinely nick my legs shaving.)
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Postby peekaboo » Fri Jul 24, 2009 1:23 pm

Good ideas guys...Doc suggested we carry around a card stating we are on blood thinners...ID bracelet will go w/you where ever as opposed to them having to look in your wallet or separtated from your card.
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