Advocacy letter to support CCSVI Research

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Advocacy letter to support CCSVI Research

Postby bohemianbill » Tue Dec 08, 2009 9:46 am

Last night my wife & I discussed my passion regarding CCSVI, I read to her my postings to you all, she immediatley stated that comments such as angry, ranting, skeptical were all applicable. as she stated and she is the one that would know. Honey when ever you become passionate about something you "shoot from the hip" you say it before you think it out. Of course she is absolutley right. She asked that I make an effort to be a diplomat for this change. So this is my effort. I reviewed MS Canadas web site today, there is a section on advocacy and all are invited to participate.
So with that I copied there letter regarding research support but I added a few of my own thoughts.

I have sent this to my MPP,MP,and the Prime Ministers Office. also CC to;

I am but one voice in this forest we call Canada, in order for all Canadians to see the Trees we all need to become advocates.

Feel free to use it.

Dreaming the dream-keep the heat to the feet-


above is a list of all our represenatives.

Dear _______ :

I’m contacting you to ask for your support in making Canada a leader in health research, an issue which affects me and my family directly. Increased government funding will help to find a cure and enhance the quality of life for people affected by multiple sclerosis.

Canadian scientists have a well deserved international reputation for excellence. Their discoveries have led to treatments for many life threatening and disabling diseases and many more are on the horizon for diseases like multiple sclerosis.

It is time to build on that work and ensure Canada's continued leadership in health research. A strong commitment to health research will directly benefit all Canadians as well as the Canadian economy.

Specifically, I urge you to support the MS Society and its current position to initiate a competition regarding the exciting findings of a Dr Zamboni and his research team from Ferra, Italy.

Specifically, CCSVI "Chronic Cerebrospinal Vascular Insufficiency" also known as The Liberation Treatment. Those that suffer from MS have followed this research extensively on the internet. Some Canadians have even gone as far as having the procedure completed with remarkable results. Our knowledge is extensive and we understand that this new research needs to be embraced by everyone.

We support MS Canada's current competition to study this exciting paradigm shift. We urge the Government of Canada at all levels to support this new imitative. We ask for Total Transparency of this research so that those who suffer from this disease may participate in this process. Sufferers & their support believe "Time is of the essence".

We will look forward to hearing how you will support action that will help end MS.

Yours sincerely,

(Your name)
(Your address)

To be a leader in finding a cure for multiple sclerosis and enabling people affected by MS to enhance their quality of life.
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Postby bohemianbill » Tue Dec 08, 2009 5:24 pm

Received the following reply, personalized, maybe this diplomacy is working :)

From: Deanna Groetzinger
Date: 08/12/2009 2:42:09 PM
To: Bill Larsh
Subject: RE: Requesting support and total tranparency of CCSVI Research

Dear Mr. Larsh,

Thanks so much for sending the messages to Prime Minister Harper and Mr. Masse about the need for more research support. I very much appreciate you taking the time to write.

All the best,

Deanna Groetzinger


Deanna Groetzinger | Vice-President, Government Relations & Policy
MS Society of Canada | 175 Bloor Street East | Suite 700, North Tower | Toronto, ON M4W 3R8
p: 416-967-3007| f: 416-922-7538| e:| w:
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