Transcription of the youtube CCSVI videos

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Transcription of the youtube CCSVI videos

Postby balko » Wed Dec 09, 2009 1:37 am

Here I'd like to thank to the author of the videos.
The transcription was made by a non-native speaker, forgive me possible minor mistakes.
Best regards.

"It all fits"

Multiple Sclerosis: Could Dr. Zamboni's Liberation Procedure for CCSVI cure MS? Part 1
Everyone that they tested has a vein blockage.
If found a lot of pople asking what i think.
I think it could be a cure of certain types of ms, absolutely.
It is the only theory about ms that includes everything.
I'm very excited.
This people want to say we have found the cure.
The problem is permanent damage that has been done to the brain,
they cant reverse this now. The problem is how much is damage and how
much is cronic due to vein blockages.
This is the ONLY theory that i've seen, read, hear about that
covers every single theory about ms, it covers everything.
It' helping people. It's reversing. It's getting people back functioning.
This is THE biggest breakthrough in ms.
I try to be very careful with how i word things; I've cried tears of
excitement for days ... Their imaging shows the same thing that dr. Zamboni.
Canadian have been flooded by e-mails and letters that they will have to think about it.
This new paradigm says ms is a symptom of another disease. It breaks previous paradigm.
Things we were born with causes vein defficiency ... your imune system sees this iron
deposit ... and responds. CCSVI is the disease. Automimunity is the symptom of this disease.
God bless and see you on part two.

Multiple Sclerosis: Could Dr. Zamboni's Liberation Procedure for CCSVI cure MS? Part 2
I'm not a batman but if I was a would propose that one for the Nobel peace prize and a medicine price if
indeed he get's the fundind.
I'm really excited.
I was doing research so I didn't get overly excited and the more research
I did the more excited I was.
I want to believe it is a cure;
Why there are some people 20 years old with primary progressive ms? Because
they are structurally really bad (njihove vene). Growing up there's a lot
of triggers.
MS is actually, the autoimune process is the symptome of this other disease.
People on the wheelchair are going to see this video and will say,
what is this to me; why are you on a wheelchair? Because of plaques? Probably not.
I have more than 40 and can still walk. It's their location? Chronic inflamation - if they
did this procedure, the blood would drain. The only thing that will not reverse is brain damage (already done).
I think it's gona work for some people on wheel chairs.
Everyone is on his step up, that is what i think.
Important thing: we have got to pressure on our neurologists, to get funding, to cover this
experimental thing (New york, Stanford, have found the same thing, US are looking at thing;
Canada will do more about it because FDA stops a lot of things in USA)
This is big news, get excited, get very excited.
You know this will stop the disease progressing and noone can do it because
averyone is afraid, it is out of the box; imagine of the frustration this poor man has.
Stenosis has a lot to do with a clinical course of the disease.
I can make 150 videos about this. Look it up and do some research.
You also have some doctors that are panicking.
Everyone with ms, e-mail your ms society, make your neurologists.
Demand that this procedure is made available.
We need to make this protocol - if you have ms, should be doppler, stenography (to find changes in the veins).
We need to change the way the ms is diagnosed. Make it a diagnosis criteria.
Look and you will find the cure is very close.

3 ... re=related
Multiple Sclerosis: Dr. Zamboni & CCSVI - MORE THOUGHTS VOL. 1

I had a huge response.
I read about canadian doctor downplayins dr. Zamboni research.
Don't loose hope and faith.
You need to ask one question: do you really believe that the science
isnt good or because you (neurlogists) didnt catch it.
He found it because his wife had a disease.
His knowledge basis is cardiovascular - sth he knows.
I do want to add some stuff:
how could neurology miss it? Very easy. Specialy have to know everyhting
about the disease; neur. were only looking at central nerv. system. They didnt
look at cardiovascular.
They tried to think why there was autoimunity and they came up with the virus.
They weren't looking in the veins.
We all missed it.
Does it fit with dr zambonis research? Absolutely.
It is iron deposit; iron is toxic; plays a big role in blood cells carrying oxygen,
iron carries through the blood hemoglobin, also carries viruses.
The imune system is not only seeing the iron but also viruses; that is why autoimune process.
There are several things going wrong for a plane to crash. Neuro still have its place;
cardiovascular surgery can very well regress the disease.
There's still going to be disability...
Is still going to be a lot of jobs in ms; theres going to be disability.
There's still a lot of money to be done in ms even if they cure it.
CCSVI CAUSES autoimunity; if they reverse the damage then the autoimune process may not get triggered.
It was a huge thing that i missed in my research.
I literally mean everything fits.
- cholesterol (oži žile)
- smoking (oži periferne žile)
- cold
- stress (causes blood pressure)
- sleep apnea (snoring - essentially the same thing as backing the blood up)
You're going to see little pieces fit in the puzzle.
"Stay tuned for a part two and God bless"

Multiple Sclerosis: Dr. Zamboni & CCSVI - More Thoughts Vol. 2 ... o_response
Definetily is not goint to be acceopted by neurology;
neurologists are very selfish; ms has been their disease, you know.
They say don't be too much excited about it, that's one thing.
Downplaying dr. Zamboni's research is another.

Dr Zamboni said: I don't work with mice.

I mean, he's already shown that what he's doing if it does not cure it regresses the disability.

Think about this in your own ms societies. Talk to people. Information can really help.

If it works it works!

The thing everyone missed, i've missed is how important the cardiovascular system
is to this disease. Dieta: Guess what: they were lowering their holesterol!
Trust me I'm going keep looking. It's not all inclusive. Cardiovascular
is involved, neurology, lifestyle is involved, free radicals are involved.
Previous knowledge is still appropriate.
The whole thing is if you stop the blockage there will be no autoimune
response because you have no iron deposits.
You guys have the best weekend you possibly can have!
Možakar mora biti zdravnik, ker govori o "my research"

Multiple Sclerosis: Naysayers!! My refutation in defense of Dr. Zamboni's research.
I talk a lot but i read about what i will talk about.
I do mistakes and i did one. I can misspeak.

This is THE biggest breakthrough in ms research.

Očitajo, da je imel small control group.
Preliminary studies are always small.
He had small group of people with clinically defined ms.
Then he had another control group with other neuro diseases.
And another control group.
He found onyl people with ms had vein problems.

Next thing he did mri (putting the contrast) of veins.

It's not like you did this to 3 people and say: it works.

Can you guess who my hero is?

This is the real deal.
Starts are small. It takes time.
Stay with it.
Know that this procedure will be effective. If done right ... is gonna help a lot of people.

6 (this video is not for sensible people) ... onse_watch
This is ... good.
Living like this is ... hell .. taking so many pills a day ... 13 in the morning, 9 or 10 at lunch, bedtime almost 14
The hope and inspiration keeps me going.
Always tired, always, constantly on pain.

7 ... onse_watch
I wanna say thank you. My legs don't work, but I'm jumping up and down
Thank you, man, thank you everyone, thank you.
I'm the happiest man on the earth.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
To be hones I'm not too bad.
Sent an e-mail, haven't got a reply.

Interesting to note that the Italian Minister of Health's (Maurizio Sacconi's) wife Enrica Giorgetti is since 2005 "direttore generale di Farmindustria" = italian pharma industry association.
The nomination of Sacconi at the Ministry of Health had already been criticised by the magazine Nature as a possible conflict of interest...
Guess explains why Zamboni's research has been so much ignored by the Italian media and has even been blocked... Understand in which hands we are???
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Postby Algis » Wed Dec 09, 2009 1:42 am

Thank you very much :)
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Postby nives » Wed Dec 09, 2009 5:53 am

Good, thank you from Italy!
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