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Postby greyman » Thu Dec 17, 2009 4:35 am

Are you the first child in your family?
No, I have a 4-year older brother

Did you have a bad birth? Forceps pulling on neck? Was your mother (and you) drugged during labour?
No. According to my mother my birth was smooth and with no complications. Myself 9 Apgar. I myself was "an angel" that almost didn't cry. Opposite to my brother

Concussion as child?
Yes. A year before the first symptom (neuritus) I had a bike accident (didn't wear a helmet). Lost conciousness and minor concussion.

Tense shoulders during winter?

Bad posture and too close to computer screen?

Close to any source of electromagnetism which acts on iron deposits in brain?
No, but for many years (0-19) I lived in a city with copperworks nearby.

Subsequent MS reaction to viral things like mouth or lip cankers?
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