Question about CCSVI and Age!

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Question about CCSVI and Age!

Postby islander » Tue Jan 05, 2010 2:44 pm

Hi Everyone,

Soooo much info here, this very well may have already been answered but I cannot find it!

I am curious about what research has said regarding people who have CCSVI and the age of onset of MS.

Has there been any info about whether this (CCSVI) is something that people with MS are born with or that they develop?

If they have this constriction of veins from birth, why does it generally take over 25 years for MS to develop?

I'd love to get some feedback on this if anyone has come across answers to these questions.

Also, on a similar note, my mother-in-law has MS and so there is a (still slight) chance that my husband may have the genetic predisposition for it. IF it turns out that CCSVI is the culprit behind this disease, has anyone heard of things that offspring or relatives can do (outside of having their jugulars scanned ;)) to avoid developing the disease?

I realize the research is new and there aren't answers to everything but if anyone has any feedback I would LOVE it!


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Postby ozarkcanoer » Tue Jan 05, 2010 3:25 pm

Hi Islander,

I was diagnosed with MS in January 2008 at the ripe old age of 61. My first response to my neuro was "but I am too old !!!", LOL. But I have 40 lesions so who knows how long I have really had MS ! And I am still optimistic about CCSVI. Maybe the stenosis is congenital or maybe it can also be due to some venous disease. Or maybe it just takes just the right doctor to diagnose it properly. So if evolution takes billions of years to arrive at homo sapiens, MS can take years to arrive at a diagnosis.

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Postby Johnson » Tue Jan 05, 2010 5:12 pm

Then there is pediatric MS, which blows the doors off of the idea of it taking 10-20 years to develop. Then there is ozarkcanoer, with the onset at 61.

My 3 years old son is very like me physiologically, and I hope beyond hope that I have not passed the threat of MS on to him, whether there is a curative principle down the road, or not. I intend to get 'im Doppler'd when "they" get that worked out, and he is a bit older.

I have always had a strong instinct that there was a bacteriological, or viral trigger for my own MS. There could even be some hitherto unknown, ferro-philic parasite of some kind that targets cerebral drainage to further it's own life-cycle. I doubt we will ever know the whole story. It is so complex a disease, it must be something simple at the root. Perhaps foreign proteins in vaccines (why doesn't everybody vaccinated with the same lot get MS?). Perhaps some have a greater infinity for heavy metals (why?), perhaps difficult births... There is something in common beyond CCSVI, I feel. Is CCSVI an aggravating symptom of something else? That is what research is for, but in the meantime, 'I've got these blocked veins in my neck, doc. I feel light-headed, and my vision is blurring. I feel like my brain is hypoxic. Can we get these veins opened up?'
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