Off-topic: CCSVI and statins

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Off-topic: CCSVI and statins

Postby sou » Thu Jan 07, 2010 6:37 am


I stumbled upon a study and downloaded the full paper through my university. Unfortunately, even the abstract is unavailable.

Rapid Effects on Vascular Function After Initiation and
Withdrawal of Atorvastatin in Healthy,
Normocholesterolemic Men

Here is the conclusion of the authors, after giving atorvastatin to 8 healthy, male subjects aged 27 to 31 years who were nonsmokers:

Thus, in subjects with normal vascular function,
atorvastatin 80 mg/day improved endothelial function
within 24 hours, before serum cholesterol and
hs-CRP decreased after 2 days of treatment. Withdrawal
of atorvastatin therapy acutely impaired
vascular function independent of cholesterol levels
and the inflammation state.

Could this be the mode of action of statins in MS?

Edit: Research paper

It is quite difficult to understand what this research is about without seeing the diagrams, so I have uploaded it for a while to the link provided.

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Postby cheerleader » Thu Jan 07, 2010 8:47 am

Interesting that these were "healthy" men...but they still could have had endothelial disfunction and C-reactive protein issues due to diet, toxin levels, etc.

we've talked about C-reactive protein as an endothelial disrupter on here a few times. CRP is found in many diseases, it causes inflammation and breaks down blood vessel walls. IMHO-The best ways to deal with CRP and endothelial are natural, since statins take it out on the liver. Best supplements are flavonoids, bromelain, quercetin, vitamin C and omega 3 oils. Limiting red meat and eating fish is good, too.
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