important what to do after and before ccsvi liberation

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important what to do after and before ccsvi liberation

Postby jak7ham9 » Sun Jan 17, 2010 7:21 am

Ok underlying vein stenosis in our problem is the fact that we have increased epithelial proliferation causing flattening and twisting of veins. Then we have greatly reduced blood flow , reflux 0f blood back into brain, lack of oxygem(anoxia), and increased deposit of iron(heavy metals) in brain all causing neurodegenerative exacerbation. So even if we liberate how do we improve or stop other problems. !. epithelial proliferation=there are several things noted to stop excess proliferation one is nac n-acetylcysteine (i take it every day) and the other is adenasine monphosphate which surprisingly is used to treat varicose veins I have not tried this but have ordered up a supply of injectible and will try 25mg inj every other day.
Oxygen deprivation-exercise is helpful (as increased tightness is my largest symptom this is most difficult) Hyperbaric oxygen I bought a chamber this is not a cure but I repeat an immediate though short lasting decrease in tightness/spasticity after using oxygen hyperbaric. I figure keeping the brain more qxygenated is not going to hurt and hopefully will delay more irreversible damage.
Iron heavy metal deposits. Well chelation is an obvious answer but which ones work?
Many people think this is snake oil. I do not because I personally sat next to two men with 80% clugged arteries who chose to avoid surgery and decreased their blockage to 20-10% over a several year period of edta chelation. I saw the ct scans.I never had clogged arteries I had high heavy metal readings after a 24 hour urine test. I will state that my symptoms were reduced when using iv chelation several times a week(combinations of glutathione c. b, minerals). My largest problem has been finding s doctor to admin the iv sfter my docs office closed. I state symptoms worsened with lack of ability to chelate. Next problem which chelators cross bbb and really remove metals especially iron from brain? i mean we really do not want to remove all irin from blood so much but remove it from brain.I am looking into deferiprone (oral) and deferroxamine iv. They have had positive improvements in pd and frederichs ataxia using iron chelators/. I should have deferiprone delivered this week and I will report my reaction/.
These are food for thought . I am trying desperately to get this surgery done but I think we must be realistic looking at other things we must do in the mean time and to stop reoccurrence. barbara
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