computer translation of an article from bulgaria

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computer translation of an article from bulgaria

Postby Brightspot » Thu Jan 28, 2010 10:26 pm

Sorry I do not have more detail, someone forwarded this to me today.
Don't know the orriginal source. Perhaps someone else has more info about these doctors? A fellow who works with my brother is from Bulgaria, and he reports that the docs are well respected.

Treating multiple sclerosis in the veins
Author: Diana Tencheva, Reads: 712, Comments: 0
For Associate Grozdinski patients say: "There are doctors who only watch. And he sees the venous problem. "Georgy Tsvetkov Photo
Diseased veins are the reason for the development of multiple sclerosis (MS) in approximately 90% of patients. This shows the results of a study of revolutionary Italian doctor Paolo Zamboni (it was made in 2008 and 2009). Foreign scientist removed venous problem is already in 65 patients with a diagnosis and that most of them have received considerable improvement.
"This is an incredible chance for salvation of people with multiple sclerosis," said Prof. Lachezar Grozdinski, flebologiya specialist (science of the veins) and ultrasound diagnostics from the National Heart Hospital in Sofia. He and five of his colleagues have formed a working group which has examined 30 Bulgaria MS. And he began to apply the Italian experience in treatment.
Over 5000 Bulgarians live with the terrible diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. This is an inflammatory disease of the central nervous system, in which the shell bursts (so called. Mielinova) of the nerves and blocks the transmission of their impulses. So develop paralysis and blindness. Most appalling is that the disease hit the young people.
Until recently it was thought that multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease, probably caused by a virus in which monitoring and hereditary predisposition. But the main cause of MS remains unknown. Hence the serious problems with the treatment and prevention.
Italian doctor Paolo Zamboni has found that in patients with MS to detect narrowing of the cervical veins, which prevents bleeding of the brain. And that venous stagnation, which promote invasion and accumulation of toxic substances in the brain (such as iron) creates conditions for the development of severe disease. Dr. Zamboni does not stop there. A group of 65 patients he has expanded with a balloon narrowing of the cervical veins, after which most patients received improvement.
"The first studies conducted in Bulgaria in two specialized hospitals with echo-color Doppler and computed tomography (flebografiya) confirmed the presence of venous pathology (b.r. problems) - probably congenital, in patients with MS," explained Prof. Grozdinski . He added that his colleagues have developed a study protocol of patients with this diagnosis. And it includes a balloon expansion or stent placement of the described narrowing of the veins.
"In practice, the treatment is safe and can not expect complications. The idea is that removing the cause of MS, and improvements will occur will be prevented progressive course of disease, "explained Prof. Grozdinski. New Anti-inflammatory therapy does not preclude treatment, and when performed by neurologists.
"The capabilities of modern flebologiya, including Bulgarian, for diagnosis and effective treatment of venous diseases found in people with MS are great! And perhaps we can help thousands of patients, "said another professor.
Working group of Bulgarian scientists who seek salvation tezhkobolnite of people are: Dr. Ivo Petrov, deputy director of the hospital Tokuda and colleagues Prof. Kirova Staikov and Prof. Dr. Dramov and Prof. Valcheva from the National Heart Hospital.
Few days ago, Dr. Ivo Petrov, a specialist in endovaskularna therapy (intravenous b.r.) performed the first successful placement of a stent from the patient diagnosed with MS panel. Early results are more encouraging
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Postby cheerleader » Thu Jan 28, 2010 10:39 pm

Husband dx RRMS 3/07
dx dual jugular vein stenosis (CCSVI) 4/09
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Postby CureIous » Fri Jan 29, 2010 12:41 am

Yikes, first stent placed. Brave soul!

"In practice, the treatment is safe and can not expect complications.
RRMS Dx'd 2007, first episode 2004. Bilateral stent placement, 3 on left, 1 stent on right, at Stanford August 2009. Watch my operation video:, Virtually symptom free since, no relap
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