Autism And The Coimbra Protocol

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Autism And The Coimbra Protocol

Postby AntonioBR » Fri Sep 08, 2017 8:02 pm

Autism And The Coimbra Protocol

This is part of a recent email from Dr. Coimbra in which he talks about his experience with autism and high doses of vitamin D:

"...Laboratory markers of autoimmunity have been found in autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy is strongly related to autism in early childhood.

We have used high-dose vitamin D in a few children and in a 17-year old boy (from Rio de Janeiro city) during the last 2-3 years, and all of them have reached normal or near normal behavior as a result of that therapy. In the first appointment he was silent and would not look at me; his father was passing all information on his clinical history since early childhood. For some time (a year or so, from 6 months of therapy) the 17-year old boy (now 19 to 20 years old) could report on the reasons of his behavior. Deep fear (triggered by the sensation of excessive proximity to the unknown) was reported as the reason why he previously would not look at the others' eyes, would not talk to others, and would not interact in anyway with others.

Amazingly, after 2 years of treatment he could remember nothing about what he had originally reported, and had lots of plans for his own future (he said he wanted to spend sometime in Canada for learning English as part of a student exchange program; "why Canada?" - I asked - and he said he had been investigating and identified Canada as the country where foreigners are more easily accepted; he said he wanted to move to a regular school in Rio de Janeiro in 2018 because he misses interacting with normal adolescents and young people in general; he wants to get a job to become financially independent from his parents; he even said he had been searching the internet by himself and concluded that the spreading of the knowledge on the importance of vitamin D for public health faces the opposition of drug companies). I do not have videos about these cases (only pictures that I take and insert in the electronic patients' charts / records).

Younger individuals (children) would not be able to report on anything after recovering from ASD, and when they reach normal behavior their parents usually move them to another school (where they are treated as normal children) to avoid prejudice that they would have to face if they would remain in the original school.

...While there has been an explosion of autism prevalence worldwide. Brazilian pediatricians who have come to our clinic accompanying their family members (patients with different diseases) have spontaneously declared to be surprised to see the large number or autistic children they have seen in their own clinic; they have experienced that as a tragedy in public health. In 1975 there was one autistic child for 5,000 children in USA. By the end of 2015 there was one autistic child for 45 children in USA!

Nevertheless, we feel committed to spreading the good news. It is relatively less uncomfortable to think that we now have a growing worldwide network of physicians trained in our clinic who (hopefully) could (at least in part) absorb the huge work I am anticipating for the next few months related to ASD."
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