Curascript/Accerdo missing shipment

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Curascript/Accerdo missing shipment

Postby trends » Mon Aug 12, 2013 12:47 pm

Has anyone else missed their shipment from the acquisition of Curascript and Accerdo. I have missed three doeses as of today and it has stressed me out. Spent the weekend trying to get missing doses from local hospital pharmacy and had no luck because they could not get ahold of my Dr. This is crazy to me because my Dr. is on call sometimes for the hospital. Then I was told that I could not come up there as a patient for them to give me my shot of Copaxone without my Dr. orders. Now I just got a call from the Pharmacy (a different one ) same hospital and was told that she could not sell me just three shots because they only come in units of 30. I am so sick of "Red Tape"
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