If I must go off Copaxone...

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If I must go off Copaxone...

Postby pastorgjp » Wed Aug 28, 2013 1:39 pm

Ok. Wife has MS - since 1996. Secondary progressive. On Copaxone for the past three years. Going on Medicare October 1. She has Anthem Blue Cross supplemental prescription. Neurologist is calling to get a prior authorization since Copaxone is not on their formulary.
My question: if the co-pay is going to be more than we can afford, and if we cannot receive assistance, what is the recommended procedure to wean off of Copaxone?
I'd rather hear from someone whose neurologist helped them wean off rather anecdotal stories of those who quit cold turkey with no side effects.
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Re: If I must go off Copaxone...

Postby sophie447 » Thu Aug 29, 2013 3:51 am

I there,

just have a minute or two, but I just went off Copax. I am switching med and in order to be included in a study need to be off previous DMD 30 days.

Neuro just said to stop. Nothing special to do. Just a note, Copax is beleived to work after it has started accumulating in the body. No rresults are expected before 6 months use. It probably gets eliminated gradually as well.

All I can help with bue hope it helps.
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