White Hair???

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White Hair???

Postby zeller » Sun May 18, 2008 4:31 pm

I started copaxone last month and now my hair seems to be turning white. I am 33, so I think this is a little premature. At this point I have more white hair than older brother, who is 5 years older. Has anyone else heard of this?

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Postby cheerleader » Mon May 19, 2008 7:11 am

Hey Zeller-

Many MSers go prematurely gray, my husband included. Sometimes nutritional or hormonal deficits can cause it. Never heard of copaxone bringing on the gray...

Dr. Lawrence Wood, the head of the Thyroid Foundation of America, recommends that women who start going gray before the age of 30 should be checked for a variety of auto-immune disorders. According to Wood, "juvenile (Type 1) diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, colitis and hypothyroidism are all conditions that may track with premature graying."

http://health.yahoo.com/experts/goinggr ... ur-doctor/

My hubby takes glisodin and lots of antioxidant nutritional supplements (see Cheerleader's regimen), and his graying has slowed down...he's salt and pepper now.

best of luck,
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Postby RedSonja » Mon May 26, 2008 5:51 am

So that't the reason. And I thought it was just old age...
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