Anyone else get repeated infections?

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Anyone else get repeated infections?

Postby Wonderfulworld » Wed May 27, 2009 12:45 pm

Sorry for the longwinded post - it's a bit complicated.

I'm 7 years on Copaxone (I think! - it could be only 6!). Since November last year I've had 5 sets of antibiotics - twice I got severe infections that needed a second dose. I've also had about 3 viral infections. So it's been pretty much a bug a month. I DO have a toddler - I know they pass on bugs so easily but I'm worried the Copaxone might be effecting my immune system? Has anyone else found this happen them?

I did really badly on Rebif , took it for 4 years prior to Copaxone- my lymphocytes and neutrophils fell dangerously low and I was getting 4 MS relapses a year and 10 viral or bacterial infections on it. I was sent to an immunologist. I found out that I was a coeliac, changed from Rebif to Copaxone, and suddenly the infections stopped and my MS improved.

Could Copaxone be doing the same thing as Rebif, have any of you copaxone users had this happen?
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