Can anyone help?

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Can anyone help?

Postby tabi » Sat Jan 29, 2011 6:55 pm

I was reading through these forums and everyone seemed SO nice. I was wondering if anyone would be able to offer me any info in the meantime until the rest of my blood work is finished. I am only a little impatient. Thanks for reading if you make it all the way through. :-)

Let me start out by saying that for a couple of years now I've thought I maybe had MS. Now I think I'm probably right.

I have had migraines all of my life. I tend to have cluster headaches, pain behind one eye sometimes severe as well as pain traveling down my right shoulder. I have what I thought were auras for years but lately as my migraines and other headaches have increased so have my auras. Floaters.

I went to my doctor Tuesday for my debilitating fatigue. I've taken on more at work and I'm stressing over it. I also have battled depression and anxiety. We decided to change my antidepressant...she did blood work.

For as long as I can remember...years (I'm in my early 40's) I can easily take a long nap each day. So fatigue has been there forever.

In my 30's I felt as though my right leg was weak and a little achy. I went to my doc who basically dismissed it. She felt as though my strength was the same, nothing to worry about.

Since then I've had other episodes of my leg aching over time. It feels heavy, achy, tired. Sometimes it's very twitchy. I wondered if my leg was shorter or it was my shoes or weight. And since my stress level is increased at work so has my leg ache.

My blood work came back basically normal except my ANA was 1280. She has added on other tests which aren't done yet...

Other symptoms I have:
*Numbness in my hands, wrists mostly during the night when I'm sleeping.
*some time ago I woke up with my arm numb as well as my scalp and face on the side I was sleeping. It has only happened once.
*FLOATERS!!! ALso I've noticed my vision deteriorating for the past year.
*poor sense of smell.
*Foggy Brain, confusion at times, horrible memory.
*I trip at work. I always attribute it to a certain pair or shoes but now I really think different.

Now I wonder if my sometimes really intense shoulder pain could be related. Every sx I have is located on my right side.

Does anyone have any idea how long these extra tests (long list!) will take for results? There were dna something or other....something about smooth muscle and that's all I can remember but it was a long list. She wants to schedule me with a Rhumatologist but I'm wondering if I need to see a Neuro instead!

Thanks, guys! And thanks for reading!
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Postby civickiller » Sat Jan 29, 2011 10:41 pm

Have u ever had any neck trauma before? I would go see a upper cervical chiropractor(not a ordinary chiropractor) first. Check for a chiropractor in your area. I saw one and I tell you, I never thought I would feel this good again
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Postby tabi » Sun Jan 30, 2011 9:56 am

No neck trauma. But I have seen a chiropractor in the past. Not anytime recent.

thanks :)
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Postby harry1 » Sun Jan 30, 2011 12:03 pm


I'd would just wait and see what your blood tests show before assuming that you have MS. If she sends you too a rheumatologists then i'm assuming that she thinks its autoimmune (lupus) however there numerous autoimmune diseases besides MS and so i'd just wait for the results.

O.k. if all your tests come back normal and that includes no viral/bacterial pathogens have been determined then i'd research a bit about celiac disease as that disease can possibly bring about a ton of odd and different symptoms similar to what you are describing to us.

Anyway let us know when you get the results one way or the other.

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