my MS got me checked into the ER last night

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my MS got me checked into the ER last night

Postby Ute » Fri Dec 09, 2011 3:59 am

Ok, here is my story:

I got checked into the ER’s trauma center last night.
Dx: fracture of the foot’s base of the fifth metatarsal bone.

About ten days ago or so I remember twisting my ankle on my right foot. Well, as one of my MS symptoms is the strange feeling I get sometimes on both my feet ankles. It is neither numbness nor tightness, but I noticed the feeling goes away after I twist the ankles inside a bit (so that the base of my foot is not touching the floor is facing the opposite foot and at the same time the outside part of my ankle is most part on the floor surface) so the bones crack a bit. After this exercise the strange feeling seemed to go away for a week or so. So, did this exercise about ten days ago on my right foot and noticed big pain on my ankle as I tried to step on my right foot. The pain went away in few minutes, so I didn’t care to worry. From that time on I didn’t have any unusual troubles walking, driving and swimming in a pool.

Yesterday morning I remember sitting in a loveseat in a cross-legged position with my laptop on my laps for a while. No pain at all, until somebody rang my doorbell and I had to get up. I did get up and fell on the floor flat immediately following horrible pain in my right ankle, numbness and inability to touch the floor with my right foot. Well, after some time the pain went away and I could walk again but became cautious as I began walking with limping at my right leg. So, every next hour I was limping worse than the hour before. I couldn’t drive myself so my brother took me to the ER to get it checked out.

The X-rays revealed a fracture of the foot’s base of the fifth metatarsal bone and a gypsum orthopedic cast was made from the bottom of my ankle all the way up to the knee. The orthopedist couldn’t hide his shock when I told him it happened ten days ago or so. So, he immediately put gypsum cast and gave instructions not to step on the foot and keep it cool and sent me home for three weeks. I am learning how to use forearm crutches now, but the wheelchair will be so much better given my balancing issues. The wheelchair is not an option given the size of apartment I live in right now, so I am struggling a bit with crutches. I make few steps and become really tired (hey, thanks I know where does it come from).

So, this is the story of how my MS made me check into the ER’s trauma center last night. It’s a little sad given I never had a bone fracture before.
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Re: my MS got me checked into the ER last night

Postby euphoniaa » Mon Dec 12, 2011 4:46 am

Wow, what a story. So sorry to hear that you're dealing with a bone fracture along with MS! I understand a bit, because I broke a toe last winter due to my own MS clumsiness (and it wasn't the first time :smile: ). I was worried that it was my whole foot like yours, but it turned out to only be the toe, which meant no cast. But...broken bones are painful no matter where they are. The pain remained for weeks and the swelling stayed even longer.

I hope you figure out good ways to stay mobile. Sending you healing and pain-free wishes this morning!
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Re: my MS got me checked into the ER last night

Postby Ute » Wed Dec 14, 2011 1:24 pm


Thank you for your warm support!

As part of my symptoms I get this weird feeling on my feet (like they are being twisted or getting numb or something). It's not a big deal, just a feeling I have sometimes to cope with, you know. Furthermore, I feel like putting my feet through a kitchen meat grinder will make this weird symptom go away. I know, sounds strange. So, I found instead of putting my feet through a meat grinder (I'm not doing that no way! :lol: ) simply having done a little exercise on my feet ( having them twisted) helps a bit for a while.
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Re: my MS got me checked into the ER last night

Postby Yash » Fri Dec 16, 2011 4:54 am

Hi Ute,
Friend that was whole lot of good will power, that you are able to do and still make things normal for the world.
Expect for the worst & Least might happen !!
-All these years living with MS has actually made me forget how well i earlier was !! I'am not 100% nor 99% thats what i always feel, but just moving on.
Dec 14, 2011
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