Blogs and Vlogs List: Communal Support

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Blogs and Vlogs List: Communal Support

Postby Interrupted » Tue Feb 28, 2012 5:53 am


I don't know if there's a thread somewhere listing peoples blogs and vlogs?
My friend has got me into looking at other people's stories and following them, and to be honest it's a little addictive and reassuring, and overall I guess comforting to know and see you really aren't suffering alone. Video is easier for me as my eyes won't tolerate a lot of reading, but I know a lot of MS'ers read an awful lot.

So she got me to start a vlog channel on youtube because i've just started doing an antibiotics protocol, I was iffy at first but I can definitely see the point in keeping such b/vlogs and how they can help other people as well as help you with support.
So if you have one, please list it here because i'm sure lots of us would like to follow, and for anyone interested, my new (and as yet uninteresting because there's only the intro one, lol) channel is here

As I say, if there's already such a list, sorry and please feel free to lock! x
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