So, what is the most affordable treatment for MS?

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Re: So, what is the most affordable treatment for MS?

Postby David1951 » Mon Jul 21, 2014 5:29 pm

Researchers in Dr. Lawrence Steinman's laboratory at Stanford have developed a new strategy for
treating or preventing autoimmune diseases with antihistamines. Using the EAE mouse model for
multiple sclerosis (MS), the inventors have shown that the disease course and severity can be
ameliorated with daily administration of antihistamine

Many have had success using low dose Benadryl.

Try 1 mg per 40 lbs of body weight (+ or - 10 lbs) 4 times per day

Costs less that $5 per month and is OTC

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Re: So, what is the most affordable treatment for MS?

Postby itasara1 » Mon Jul 21, 2014 11:22 pm

Just wondering have you tried this antihistamine treatment? It doesn't take much benadryl to "knock me out" or dry me out.
Not sure about this. Any real scientific papers on this form of MS Rx?
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Re: So, what is the most affordable treatment for MS?

Postby NHE » Wed Oct 22, 2014 8:30 pm


mrsmomnurse wrote:I have just received a bill from Kaiser...charges = 13776.70, Insurance paid = 11021.36, My out of pocket = 2755.34. This is for one month!!! What is going on????

Gee, only $33,064/year out of pocket! How can the pharmas possibly think this is sustainable? This isn't even a cure and it might lead to severe disability or death due to PML. :wtf:
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Re: So, what is the most affordable treatment for MS?

Postby Anunymouse » Wed Oct 22, 2014 9:36 pm

My doc gave me a scrip for tecfidera. I called my i surance to see what they would cover, said they treat all ms as major medical and not drugs, so 60/40 split. When the insurance rep called to set up i mentioned it sounded like id be paying 4k a month, he actually laughed at me and said it was going to cost more than that. Great sales manners.
Anyway they (my insurance) kept chasing me, finally said the insurance first person was wrong, sales guy was wrong, and it would be $50. Much heated discussion later (im still pissed about the first guy) and it was $10.

So i got my first months for $10, its still sitting unopened a month or two later and they call daily. All the reading ive done shows placebo works 20%, and 100+k drugs work 23, and thats only symptoms. None of them do anything about progression so i dont see the need to do it yet.

Lemtrada is the only drug that looks to actually work, and the us is the only country with an airport that you cant get. Too much money in "treating" and not enough for curing.
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