Insurance being a poop

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Insurance being a poop

Postby younglady » Tue Apr 07, 2015 12:52 pm

Hi, how do you guys deal with your insurance being a giant poop monster? :crazy:
I'm "undiagnosed" by my neurologist who says "it's probably MS we just need to wait for another flare up." (I'm three years into it, but only started pursuing answers last year). Since then I have been tested for, well you know the drill, EVERYTHING. My insurance has just decided I'm pathalogical and stopped covering tests. What on earth? I've only had 1 scan, an MRI of the spine, some blood work, an EEG and Evoked potential (the last two they didn't cover anyway). My neurologist wanted me to have a CT of the temporal bone to rule out tumors. My insurance DENIED it, because they found it "medically unnecessary." That's insurance speak for "We don't think anything is really wrong with you."

Now my symptoms are getting so much worse, and I feel like I really need to go back to my doc, but I'm actually SCARED to because I've already racked up 3k minimum of medical bills from last year alone, and my husband and I do NOT have the money. At all. Should I go back? Is there a way to make them cover the tests? I know I need an MRI of the brain at some point to show new lesions for a dx, but I cannot afford to pay out of pocket for it - not when we already have SO MANY medical bills.

Praying because I know God is in control. Any wisdom from someone who's been there?


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