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new job

Postby jimmylegs » Thu Oct 26, 2006 6:11 pm

so i finally got a job in australia, just weeks before i'm due to leave :roll: - a part time one with an agency so i can say yes or no to whichever jobs come up.

the agency is on campus and it's called eco-jobs and mostly it involves going into natural areas (spiders, snakes and all) and weeding out all the invasive plants, some toxic, that are trying to take over native species plantings and so forth.

it is getting pretty hot out these days and we tend to work through the heat of the day. we pretty much have to wear long pants and long sleeves and hats and so on. obviously, i really drag my feet by the end. and i am still getting over the soreness from getting used to doing hundreds of squats per day!!! yes, laugh it up bromley ;)

yesterday after work i had to take the train and bus over to this cafe on the coast. i was thinking maybe i'd left my keys there last week. anyway the bus only gets to the one side of this big hill, right before the coast. i had to climb up three steep blocks and down again, and the same deal on the way back. then the bus route home from there only went to within about 10 blocks of the house, so i had to walk that too. and at the end of it all, i sat down, and there was only the tiniest little tingle at the base of my spine, and it went away really quickly. i would have thought it was going to be WAY worse than that when i finally stopped moving. but it was okay!

think in general i am on the right track by getting my blood organized. hope so anyway! wishful thinking perhaps hehehe

i also hope that soon picking up my feet in the heat won't be so difficult any more! :?
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Postby Muu » Sat Oct 28, 2006 10:47 am

I take my hat off to you. First the snake thing....then the marathon endurance test to retrieve your keys. I had a similar experience in the summer when I was forced (as a result of my inability to read the bus timetables in Wales and my husbands inablity to switch his mobile phone on at all crucial times) to walk miles back to our hotel. Not the most beautiful gait but I did it and it gave my confidence such a boost and the exercise made me feel great. Feels good when you achieve something like that.
ps Bromley is going to need some cooling off time after reading about you and the squats!!
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