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Postby thinkingoutloud86 » Mon Oct 08, 2007 3:57 pm


I am sorry about the loss. It seems that when ever there is a change in any phase of this disease, there is a mourning period and a readjustment stage. From what I've read in your previous posts, I feel confident that after the initial hurt, you will rebound. That you will plant more flowers for yourself in the future...one's you have not even thought of now.

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Postby AllyB » Tue Oct 09, 2007 6:34 am


Thanks for your input - I really appreciate it. You are right of course, any major life change takes some adjusting to - I just did not anticipate any negative feelings about this, so I think I surprised myself with how I felt! I was so looking forward to the absolute relief of not having to struggle every day to do something that I was no longer able to do and the constant worry that I was gonna drop a ball at work, and of course, that relief is there...I am feeling ok right now - I suppose I should expect some ups and downs before it settles and I find a new routine, and some new friends who don't work!
I should stop whinning about something that many people on this site would love to be this easy. I know I am fortunate, so I will suck it up and get on with things, because that is what we do, right? I will love my new life - my husband bought me a hammock, what's not to love? Except I still feel like I am on leave and will be going back to work soon.....But there is a little kernal of excitement starting to bubble somewhere inside now, and I am determined to nurture that kernal until it takes over...

Thanks to all who have listened and given support - it is your input and this site that has planted that little kernal...You guys are great.
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