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Postby jimmylegs » Wed Jun 04, 2008 8:35 pm

so i go back to the genius pharmacist who fixed my lungs/throat so significantly by recommending magnesium. i went in and told him he was a genius and that it worked really well for me. i also told him that it didn't really stay with me and i had to keep taking mg or my throat would go downhill again and my breathing would get shallow. so he says match your mg of magnesium with potassium. okay cool so clearly i need to get over my loathing of bananas... sigh... anyway will try that.

and the next thing, he says - that throat clearing; you could have lesions on your vocal cords... do you have to be loud often? and i thought, um only every day at work all winter teaching crowds of ppl how to ski, and only every time i sing now since i went for vocal training and figured out how to sing LOUD. i've been making my car deaf ever since.

so. all this time i thought it was ms stuff, but nope, it's way more likely vocal cord nodules. i had heard of those too, NEVER thought i would get them. you can see em in the photo on wiki - ewwwwww


that's totally what i thought, that there was some kind of swelling making things not close properly. and nodules from singing and yelling are oh so logical.

i'm going to skewer that throat specialist that told me i had a "bad habit" of clearing my throat! what kind of specialist doesn't ask about how hard you push it?? what kind of GODLIKE pharmacist knows everything about everything?? he is so great.

so i guess the next thing is to stick a camera down my throat fuuuun...
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Postby cheerleader » Thu Jun 05, 2008 11:16 am

Hey Jimmy-

When I started out as a young opera singer, I once lost my voice from oversinging, and the ENT feared vocal nodules. He used a flexible laryngscope down my throat...it wasn't too bad, didn't really feel it. It turned out to be just a bit of swelling. I wasn't using air correctly thru my cords, and over blew my voice. Many years of singing and operas behind me, I learned how not to push. PM me if you want more vocal stuff...

Here's some info on the diff. types of tests-

You might need to take some voice lessons with a speech therapist to use your diaphragm more, and get some support behind your speaking and singing voice.

I know you'll figure this one out, JL, hang in there.... I'm selfishly thankful that you learned about mg, even if your vocal stuff isn't MS related....you helped alot of us out :)

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Postby jimmylegs » Thu Jun 05, 2008 10:10 pm

thanks a lot for that cheer! i will look into it. ya it's weird it's like some of the problem was definitely bcoz of low mag, and the rest is from abusing my voice. so the first thing i will do is take it down a notch with the singing :) and read your info. and with the magnesium at least my diaphragm has a hope of working properly for breath support! whew!

so i go to this concert this eve, and apparently these odd cloth things you get with your tickets are vip passes. they really need to make the VIP bigger lol here i was standing outside waiting after and my friend comes out and he's like - why are you out here??? i left you a pass!!! oh well it was too late. good show though! i sang along veeeerrry quietly :)
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