Does cellulose/gelatin LDN capsules contain gluten?

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Does cellulose/gelatin LDN capsules contain gluten?

Postby adamt » Tue May 22, 2012 1:10 pm

I am following a strict Wahls diet, so no gluten allowed

i have been taking LDN for years which has virtually stopped my progression,

I called the pharmacy i get my LDN from to check their is no gluten and they said there is gluten in the cellulose capsules,
but i have read online that cellulose is gluten free and approved for celiacs

so im a bit lost whether the cellulose capsule contains gluten

last night i cut the capsule open and swallowed the powder with some water
does anyone know if there is any difference in the effectiveness of LDN by swallowing the pwder with some water instead of swallowing a capsule?

are cellulose/gelatin capsules gluten free?

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