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Postby miri » Sun Jun 02, 2013 9:58 pm

Everyone believes in Trojan viruses & Trojan governments, due to the publicity they garner.
The viruses & governments seem harmless, so you yourself let them in.

But most people would be skeptical re: the below, due to lack of publicity. Nobody believes that the below may actually cause lesions, unless they experience it, and unless they read testimonials in books i've mentioned elsewhere.

(1) Trojan tech stuff emitting High EMFs, whether via Lumens, or GHz frequencies

(2) Trojan so-called-health-foods, such as RAW onions hidden in soups & patties. One example is Imagine Soups. Another example is Yummy Earth "natural" candies, containing extreme citrus. Then there's sodium citrate in ice creams, sodium nitrites in processed foods, modified starch etc. etc. I don't care how safe they say it is, but when I eat yogurt with modified starch, I feel less energized than from yogurts free of same.
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