Gut flora and random question

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Gut flora and random question

Postby reallyreally » Thu Jul 18, 2013 9:53 am

I had a very interesting meeting with my Dr. last week. After a lot of discussions on different treatments. He told me that more focus would be placed on gut flora as being a factor in MS. That is why (in his opinion) certain diets (Swank, Paleo) and other diets work because they re balances and improve the gut flora. This is not a naturopathic Dr; but, a Dr. at an MS clinic/research hospital. Makes sense to me? I am starting to drink Kefir now (doesn't hurt). And going to add some fermented foods to my diet.

Also a question for those that do not take medicines but control, their condition with diet alone. I am on copaxene, eat a very healthy diet, my vitamin D levels are at 90 + and are checked regularly. I take a regular vitamin regime (Thanks, Jimmylegs!). And get regular exercise. I am in a trial right now, so I have an MRI every 4-6 months. I was shocked to see I had a new brain lesion. The Dr. told me that the brain lesions are usually not "felt". So, not surprised that I didn't know. Sometimes when you just get a yearly MRI new lesions are not able to be detected. So, my question is: for the people that use diet/nutrition you generally get regular MRI's to see if your disease is truly stopped, or do you go by symptoms alone? My Dr. also commented that the best trial would be to have a group of people getting MRI's every 4 weeks; feeling that this would be the best way to see if what the person was doing was having a real effect on their disease and to monitor brain atrophy.
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Re: Gut flora and random question

Postby jimmylegs » Thu Jul 18, 2013 2:51 pm

i just had my first mri after 6 yrs without. haven't gone over it with the neuro yet. i wouldn't really be a great example b/c i have done so many things wrong while experimenting on myself :S case in point my recent look at long term use of iron supplements without balancing zinc properly.

i try to pass on what i learn to others. i've only spent 7 years in the research and i'm still learning all the time. and there's SO much research still to be done. that said, if you want me to check out the diet and supplement regimen, we can have a look at any potential gaps. i am curious if you have all the other known nutrient targets for ms lined up? the d3 is not quite there at 90 nmol/L (i'm assuming you don't mean 90 ng/dL) let me know if you'd like to do a little review!

i would LOVE to do an experiment where we had a regular peek at the brain. not sure i'd want to be the one having gadolinium injected on a monthly basis though. perhaps if a meaningful study could be done without contrast!
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