Has ANYONE reversed their MS BESIDES Dr Wahls?

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Re: Has ANYONE reversed their MS BESIDES Dr Wahls?

Postby jimmylegs » Sun Feb 09, 2014 8:57 am

last study I saw showed pescetarians were the best off in terms of having lowest disease risk. wise to limit gluten and dairy.
good idea to add seafood to a largely vegan routine! especially options that provide zinc. whfoods advises one serving of shellfish per week to maintain adequate zinc status.

Oyster and Clam Chowder
"This dish was created to provide you with a great tasting and easy way to boost your body with an abundance of zinc. Eat this once a week and you will have no worries about getting this important mineral in your diet. "
my approach: no meds so far - just nutrient-dense anti-inflammatory whole foods, and supplements where needed
info: www.whfoods.com, www.nutritiondata.com
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Re: Has ANYONE reversed their MS BESIDES Dr Wahls?

Postby pawel96 » Fri Feb 21, 2014 1:52 am

In general I try to follow the Wahls diet. No dairy, very little gluten. I also try to limit saturated fats, however not rigorously < 15g/d. The effects after 1.5 years are that I am very lean (dropped from 72kg to 62kg). I definitely feel better since avoiding dairy, but not sure about gluten.

Anyway - last night I did sth totally anti-Wahls and anti-Swank. I went to a hamburger bar, ordered 2 nice burgers (w/o cheese though). Effects? I slept like a baby, I am calm now, my balance is better, I feel much stronger, my mind works better.

So my opinion - there is sth in Wahls diet, definitely when it comes to foods you're allergic to. But it limits calories and in the long run that might be not so good.

Other point here - do we really need to heal MRI-wise, i.e. reducing inflammatory lesions to non-existent? Or do we want to regain function? I am starting to think reducing inflammation to nil is not the same as regaining function. Maybe there should be a balance between these two. Are healthy brains not inflamed at all?

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Re: Has ANYONE reversed their MS BESIDES Dr Wahls?

Postby stanlesssteel » Thu Jun 26, 2014 1:25 am

Any diet that includes food high in saturated fat sis doomed to fail. Wahls is like paleo light. When I ate large quantities of meat my symptoms appear.
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