Food and MS

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MS and Diet

Postby JilPhones » Sun Dec 14, 2008 12:20 pm

Being a newbie on this forum, this has to be the most compelling debate on the site.
One which I fully subscribe to is the issue of diet.
We all know and recognise that the disease is totally random in its selection of victims.
No two diagnosis are the same.
I completely agree and subscribe to the theories of Swank et al.
The BBB is critical. Low sat fats and good exercise with lower BP and you can add the benefits of less chance of stroke.
In my case I am convinced that bowel permeability is the key.
Interesting the view by the chap and his twin sister.
How many blokes take the contraceptive pill? I'm not suggesting any specific reason in this case but the pill is known to deplete the bowel bacteria and increase the incidence of Candida which makes us more susceptible to permeability.
The other issue in my own case was mercury fillings. At around the time I experienced strange sensations in my limbs I had a cracked tooth and this filled molar was drilled several times. I also had a long period on anti-inflamatory drugs (IbuPrufen). All of which conspires IMHO to make me more susceptible and a sufferer of Leaky Gut Syndrome.
I visited a Kinesiologist when 3 years ago I came out in horrible rashes. It turned out to be Dermatitis Herpetiformis - related to Celiac disease. This is now managed by diet. Maintaining good gut health, keeping Candida under control and staying off Gluten and dairy. It doesn't make for an exciting diet and it is limiting when travelling but hey, the advantages far outweigh the obvious downsides.
I can testify totally to the theory of diet. I know what the aggressors to my system David Smyth my Kinesiologist has nailed every one of them. He has even corrected my susceptibility to some. He has no idea about effect, he is not a doctor. Doctors deal in effect, that is why we get pedalled such fantastic expensive drugs. But they, unlike David for me do not have a clue about the cause.
This is my heartfelt belief that we are totally what we eat. If we are in someway predisposed to an autoimmune disorder because our defences are not as strong as they should be (BBB, bowel lining) then the really nice stuff that most normal people can tolerate then so be it. The key to it is knowing. In my view knowledge is king and armed with this I continue to lead a normal life.
Best regards,
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Postby jimmylegs » Sun Dec 14, 2008 1:24 pm

ian old bean, refresh my memory, there's a dear - how long since your dx?
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Food Allergies and Swank Diet

Postby Boudreaux » Wed Nov 25, 2009 6:25 am

After DX of RRMS I had an IGg Elisa food panel essay done (google it) and was told that I should eliminate egg whites and cow's milk from my diet. Doing this and following the Swank diet along with some suppliments, I believe, has contributed to my well being. Since initial onset in Sept of 2002 I have been, with the exception of occasional extreme fatigue, trouble free. Could this be a benign case of MS or just effects of the diet? I am not sure, but I will continue the regiment.
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Postby shye » Sat Jan 02, 2010 11:06 am

YEARS before realizing my symptoms were MS, I slowly realized I was reacting to numerous foods,, grasses, molds, etc etc
Have been tested for allergies many times, took shots for a number of years (had to stay for extra 1/2 hr after each shot, would get such a reaction);
only when started eliminating the foods did I start to operate a bit better. My problem is I am allergic to MANY foods, not just the 5 usuals, so is extremely difficult to keep to the diet. But I am a million times better when off the offending foods. Foolishly, after a bit of feeling okay, I start feeling deprived, and start up with wheat, etc. ALWAYS a mistake.

Also need to take numerous supplements in order to feel really well, esp since am so very limited in foods can eat.

A rigid MS diet is very difficult at first--after about a month, when you do really start to feel the good effects, is easier to stay on. Temptations come at holidays, eating out with friends, mixing with new people for a meal, etc. I still give in sometimes (always to my body's regret), but try to eat before I go out, so can just get a salad or something I won't react to.
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