nutrition status and allergies and diet

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nutrition status and allergies and diet

Postby k6ristin » Mon Mar 23, 2009 12:43 pm

I wanted to share with you some testing available, it's just outside the realm of standard-covered-by-your-insurance traditional lab testing.

one is "Functional Intracellular Analysis":

They culture your lymphocytes and check the nutrient values, then bombard them, starve them, perform biochemistry i barely understand and give you your status, and what you need. It generally comes back different than the normal RDA's....and doesn't that make sense, since we are all different; we should have different needs.

The second is for allergy testing, the 2 standard tests: Elisa and skin-scratch test, sometimes give false negatives. ALCAT makes a test using other pathways (still ELISA technology but checking other pathways besides IGE) another company for allergies is called Metametrix They're cheaper but I don't have any experience with them. When my lymphocytes grow back (after campath) I'm going to re-test.

I share this because i struggle with following the various MS diets based on allergies, when all my allergy tests come back negative. I do feel better without gluten and dairy; but no blood test explains this.

I did the spectracell test and didn't have any "smoking gun" results, but I wish for everyone to have this knowledge and the ability to seek out more modern and novel technologies!

all the best!

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