am i doing something wrong?

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am i doing something wrong?

Postby the_cheshire_cat » Sun Jun 28, 2009 10:14 pm

I have been working on my diet going on 3 weeks. I walk 7 miles a day, i play on my Wii fit for 45mins, and i eat about 1200 calories a day and now i just added swimming to the mix of all this. And i havent gained nor lost a single pound. its very frustrating when you change your eating habits and such and exercising and nothing to show for it. I have my parents who dont understand that my meds could be involved in this as well since i am the one with MS and they see that as a fault/excuse. So its hard when your not dropping weight and parents are on you for not loosing the weight. so am i doing something wrong? and if so please tell me. the only two meds i take for my MS is Topamax and Avonex. so any advice would help me on loosing the little bit of weight i need to loose.
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Postby Ernst » Mon Jun 29, 2009 12:20 am

When my wife began bbb-diet, she lost dodyfat quite soon. Her body weight drop to same kilos she had as 18 yrs old, not bad for 33 yrs two childs mother. Losing weight was just "side-effect", not the goal. And at that time, she didn't exercise, the body fat just lost with diet. Just like my weight too.
We never calculate calories - I dont know how much calories we eat, but we care what things to eat. What we eat lot is vegetables (salads a lot) and fruits too. Not saturated fat, but olive oil lots. Fast carbohydrates are bad, cause you'll get more insuline --> some call it "keep-fat hormone". My wife's weight is quite ideal now, hasn't changed for two years.

BBB-diet has been so good, symptoms vanished and she is almost (once a month some) symptom free.

My wife last summer, after bbb-diet (I sound like tv-shop commercial :lol: )
My wife's 3 yrs post video:

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