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Danish ms-diet

Postby Thomas » Tue Mar 08, 2005 8:07 am

This is lay-translated by me from the website of the danish MS-society:

"Diet and Multiple sclerosis

For more than 50 years one has gathered experiences and conductet research on the relationship between diet and multiple sclerosis. Research show a positive effect after a change of diet - both with the frequency of attcks, movement/tonus (da:'förlighed') and quality of life.

New scientific research support practical experience: Disease activity is significantly reduced if animal fat and dairy products are replaced with oil of fish and certain plants.

After working several years with collecting the existing research, ms-patient and medical journalist Gunda Rademacker Jensen in cooperation with the diet-group in ms-hospitals has developed this dieting guide."

The guide itself and much more information is also on the site, including a list of seven points for a healthy ms-diet. My translation of the seven points:

1. Meat: Max. 2 times per week
2. Egg: Max. 2 per week
3. Milk-products: Only low-fat
4. Fish: 2-3 times a week
5. Vegetable oil (plant-oil): 1-3 tblsp. daily
6. Fruit and Green: Daily
7. Intolerance: Avoid what you do not tolerate

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Postby PhireX » Tue Mar 08, 2005 11:00 pm

That diet seems similar to most of the others- but less restrictive, which is good. I find most of the diets (eg the best bet diet) very restrictive and hard to stick to. I couldnt see myself not eating meat for a year, etc (red meat anyway, swank diet)

I cant cut out dairy, eg coffee/ tea w/ milk and I do only use low fat products. I try and cut out all saturated fat with the exception of some low fat chocolate muffins (3g of sat. fat, c'mon, live a little!)

Thanks for that!
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