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Postby leetz » Thu Apr 29, 2010 3:41 pm

I have been on Ampyra for a little over 2 weeks...so far my spasticity has been nearly diminished and do notice that i am walking 4 seconds faster on the 25 foot walk (neuro- office)...do not be afraid if it initially causes some pain or even old symptoms appear...for me they did and then they are slowly going away...think it is also due to the fact that i have a wicked viral thing going on...and bronchitis...dunno...but sure am happy:) a little improvement is better than none at all right? does make me off kilter a lil so balance is no good yet...but it's almost like i can feel the nerves in the legs responding to the med...painful, but i feel it...still walking with cane...give 2-6 weeks for med to build up in body...also take every 12 hours...i take it at 7a and 7 pm:>) hope this helps some of you!!!
GOD BLESS.... CCSVI treatment Dr. Siskin great doc....symptom's improved for about 3 week's (gait, balance, spasticity) now back to square 1...
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Postby UWE59 » Wed Aug 18, 2010 2:11 pm

how is your experience with Ampyra after a longer period now?
I made some trials with 4x5 mg 4-AP 3 days long with no effects. Than I stopped because of problems in my CAP-protocol. (Antibiotics)
Today I did a restart with 1x10 mg 4-AP and noticed after 1 hour tingling in my body /legs. I had a cheerful feeling like after steroids, but only in my mind, not in my legs :(
Tomorrow I will restart with 4x5 mg 4-AP over a week or two.
Kind regards UWE
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