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Postby dignan » Wed Apr 26, 2006 8:27 am

Well, at least there are a lot of early-stage treatments getting mentioned in the press right now -- it's better than nothing...

Argos Therapeutics, Beckman Coulter Sign License Agreement; CD83 Licensure to Advance Work on Autoimmune Disorders, Transplant Rejection Therapy

BUSINESS WIRE - April 26, 2006 - Argos Therapeutics, a company pioneering new approaches in immunotherapy, announced today that it has entered into an agreement with California-based Beckman Coulter granting Argos exclusive therapeutic use rights for the soluble protein, CD83, including use as a therapy for autoimmune disorders and transplant rejection.

The patented therapeutic use of CD83 was initially filed by Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Beckman Coulter then gained license to it and under the latest agreement, retains rights to develop CD83 within the field of diagnostics.

"As a complement to our dendritic cell-based immunotherapeutic programs, this agreement allows us to advance our CD83 development activities based on its novel immunosuppressive properties," said Jeff Abbey, vice president of business development for Argos Therapeutics. "At the same time, Argos continues to develop immunotherapies in the oncology and infectious disease markets, as these areas represent significant unmet therapeutic needs."

Researchers working with Argos at the University of Erlangen in Erlangen, Germany, discovered that CD83 is an effective immunosuppressant and able to inhibit paralysis in a model of multiple sclerosis in both an active and pre-treatment setting. In contrast to other immunosuppressive agents, this soluble protein can target autoagressive immune responses without the need for chronic administration and without suppressing the entire immune system. Preliminary data also suggests that CD83 may have clinical utility in the treatment of transplantation rejection and autoimmune diabetes.

In support of this technology platform, Dr. Robert Zhong, Canada Research Chair in Transplantation and Experimental Surgery at the University of Western Ontario, Canada, stated "sCD83 is a very promising agent to inhibit dendritic cells and this novel approach provides great potential to prevent organ rejection and to induce tolerance, thereby eliminating side effects of long-term use of anti-rejection drugs."

Argos Therapeutics

Argos Therapeutics, Inc., is dedicated to becoming a market leader in the field of immunotherapy. The company uses proprietary technology and know-how to develop dendritic cell-based therapies in the areas of oncology, infectious diseases, autoimmune disorders and transplantation. Argos' focus is bringing to market therapeutic options that not only offer new promise for treatment of intractable diseases, but also an improved safety profile and better patient quality of life during treatment. ... ewsLang=en
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