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Postby ewizabeth » Wed Apr 25, 2007 7:07 am

CureOrBust wrote:
connieb wrote:Ty as a pill and without side effects wouldn't be a bad deal! Best of luck to you Ewizabeth-- keep us posted!
I have a trial application info form for FTY720, and it compares the action to Tysabri (and its in a daily pill form)

They also hint at similar side effects, in that they will be paying special attention for those found in Tysabri (ie PML)

Hi Cure,

The difference they're looking at between a pill and once a month infusion is, the shorter half life of the pill. If a patient develops PML-like symptoms, they can stop the pills and the medicine will clear their system within a day or maybe a few days at most.

With Tysabri, if the same thing happens, there is at least a month for the medicine to be out of the system. He described it as a very effective medicine, but sort of like driving a racecar without brakes. :roll: I think he was being a bit overly dramatic with that. I still might go with the Tysabri... if this trial doesn't work out.

My neuro spoke about FTY720, and he said the tests and such they are doing for the trial are numerous, and that may be why they're taking a long time getting patients to participate.

He isn't doing that trial for that reason, he has a smaller office and it would be too involved for their staff. He is doing another pill trial in the summer, I can't remember the name but it's a phase III trial.
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