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Histamine 2

Postby scoobyjude » Sat May 26, 2007 10:41 pm

The Cheap, Safe and Effective Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis That the Drug Companies are Trying to Keep Secret 25 May 2007

In a recent interview, a victim of Multiple Sclerosis revealed how she has been symptom-free for the past 10 years. The success she has experienced has compelled her to bring her research to the medical community in hopes of helping other MS sufferers. The National MS Society (US)(backed by the pharmaceutical industry which funds it) has actively suppressed her.

MS has been extensively researched, yet it is still unknown exactly what causes it. The medical community has been focusing on the idea that it is an autoimmune disease since 1935. The common theory is that the immune system is attacking Myelin, the insulation on the nerves; however, there is no proof of this.

"I started studying histamine 2 and then started looking into how H2 is involved in heat. That was the first symptom I applied it to and then I started applying it to the other symptoms of MS. It answered all the symptoms of MS that we have not been able to answer, so from that I developed the treatment," says Elaine DeLack, RN.

DeLack found that Histamine 2 is a neuro transmitter that sends messages from nerve to nerve. It balances the immune system, makes digestive enzymes, regulates stress and stimulates the thyroid, to name a few essential tasks.

MS patients have difficulty taking the histamine in the brain and turning it into the H2 transmitter. This is why the MS sufferer's total body gets involved in the disease.

DeLack's own motivation was to try and find something to help alleviate her own debilitating MS symptoms. Through extensive research, DeLack developed and patented a treatment called Prokarin. She and numerous MS sufferers have found improvement in walking, dexterity, fatigue, cognition and bladder function to name a few common symptoms.

But simply helping herself and a few individuals was not her goal anymore. Once DeLack had helped herself, she wanted to help everyone suffering from MS. She knew that in order to help the most people, she would have to convince doctors that her treatment worked. This meant she would need to get a formal, double-blind study underway, and have it published in a scholarly, peer-reviewed medical journal. Yet she didn't count on the opposition that she would encounter from the very people who claimed to want to help MS sufferers the most.

Her studies were well-documented -- conducted through an impartial outside university. They showed conclusively the effectiveness of the very treatment which has kept her own body symptom-free for over a decade. The peer review process confirmed that her study was sound research and worthy of publication.

On the morning after its print in the MS Research Journal, the National MS Society sent out a release claiming that their own clinical review had determined that the study was poorly designed and hard to interpret. According to DeLack, the Society had not even gotten a copy of the report by the evening before their release. They never read it. They certainly never conducted a clinical review of it. They simply wanted it silenced, because they knew it threatened their interests.

While DeLack remains symptom free, her new goal is to someday cure MS for good. The biggest roadblock to success is the fact that current MS treatments, while less than effective, are huge cash cows for the drug providers who provide doctors with training and support organisations such as the National MS Society. DeLack continues her attempts to convince the medical community of the Prokarin treatment option.

You can hear her complete interview on Inside Success Radio, which earns its reputation for quality interviews with the best-known experts of many fields.

To listen to Elaine's interview with Rob Smith on Inside Wellness Success, visit http://www.insidesuccessradio.com/Guests/Elaine-DeLack
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