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New venture

Postby dignan » Wed Jan 23, 2008 9:17 am

Interesting combination...

Hadasit, Harvard Medical School in autoimmune venture

The venture looks to research oral delivery of antibodies currently administered intravenously.

Globes - 23 Jan 08 - Hadasit Technology Transfer Company of Hadassah University Hospital Ltd., Harvard Medical School, and its affiliate Brigham and Women’s Hospital have set up a joint scientific venture to develop a new orally administered therapeutic treatment for autoimmune diseases. The parties will own the venture in equal shares. This is the first official cooperation between the three hospitals.

The hospitals' combination therapy is a cocktail of a Monoclonal Antibody (Anti-CD3), in development at Harvard Medical School, and a line of Glycolipid compounds, currently in development at Hadasit, based on research led by a senior Hadassah physician. Clinical data shows that the Glycolipid compounds, which activate specific cells in the immune system when given orally, can be used for all oral applications and without adverse side effects. Pre-clinical studies demonstrated the same results for the monoclonal antibody, but in animal models. Pre-clinical studies also suggest that the core oral administration of the combination of the two has a profound immune modulatory effect and in several models, a direct and beneficial influence on disease activity. ... 9&fid=1725
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