Herpes treatment advances - not directly MS related

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Herpes treatment advances - not directly MS related

Postby rainer » Thu May 01, 2008 6:10 pm

Was poking around for info last night and found a few interesting things... none of this is breaking news or anything.

Bayer AG - research - Herpes virus is a pdf of Bayer's report on developing Herpes treatments. Obviously it is heavily biased and is probably a few years old but still quite informative. For instance: two different versions of the virus hide away in the body, one typically in the inner ear/temple part of the brain and one in the spine. (sound a bit like rrms and ppms to anyone else?)

Bayer apparently broke off their anti-viral research into it's own company: Aicuris who is developing the drug BAY 57-1293 which is dramatically more effective at treating herpes then the current anti-virals used. They are said to be moving forth into human trials soon (I've read their lead compound is in Phase 2 but am not sure if that is BAY 57-1293).

None of that is directly related to MS research, but if there is a connection and if the current anti-virals just weren't enough to touch MS... BAY 57-1293 is worth keeping an eye on.
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