An SF1019 FDA application for a Physician sponsored trial

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An SF1019 FDA application for a Physician sponsored trial

Postby Nemotoday » Sun Nov 16, 2008 7:42 am

Whilst surfing today I found this snippet in the latest Immunosyn Corporation filings to the SEC. ... ID=6254266

A Physician Sponsored IND Application to the Food and Drug Administration in the U.S. for a Phase II Clinical Trial for Multiple Sclerosis utilizing SF-1019 has been submitted. If the submitting doctor is successful in gaining approval for his Clinical Trial, Argyll Biotech intends to supply SF-1019 at no cost to the physician for use in the trial. The FDA response timeline guidance would suggest that it would take approximately three to six months from the date of submission until approval and commencement of a trial for MS.

No mention of the Physician or location though.

I also found a granted patent owned by Argyll Biotechnologies LLC concerning a product known as ICPF which I think is what SF1019 is now.

For the scientifically minded it gives us an idea as to what it is.

<shortened url>

Patent number 7,358,044

A new class of lipopeptides has been surprisingly discovered from mammalian serum that are potent immunoregulators, hereinafter, referred to as Immune Cell Potentiating Factors ("ICPF"s). The clinical and laboratory data show a wide range of prophylactic and therapeutic applications for the ICPFs including primary and adjunctive therapy in the treatment of diseases of both bacterial and viral origin as well as certain neoplastic diseases. Described herein are chemical structures of ICPF of the invention, the likely mode of action, and the surprisingly broad spectrum of therapeutic efficacy and wide margin of safety to the host species.

Assignee: Argyll Biotechnologies, LLC. (LaJolla, CA)
Appl. No.: 10/825,603
Filed: April 16, 2004

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